Jody Fagan Honored with Madison Scholar Award

Posted on: June 13, 2021

Photo of Jody Fagan

We are pleased to share that Jody Fagan received the 2021 JMU Madison Scholar Award from the Division of Academic Affairs. 

Fagan is a JMU professor and Strategic Research and Assessment Librarian for JMU Libraries.

Fagan was nominated by peers not only for their scholarly achievements, but also for their collegiality and willingness to share their knowledge with others:

“Jody’s curiosity and dedication make them a skilled researcher, but their patience and willingness to teach make them an invaluable collaborator.” – Nominator

“I have observed the work Jody has done to foster and encourage collaboration, to apply what they have gained through their work at JMU to influence change within the profession, and to mentor colleagues and share their knowledge. I can think of few others who have had such a positive impact on my own scholarly approach.” – Nominator

“They embody the approach of a scholar-librarian and share what they learn in their job with others in the profession. As Jody takes a practical approach, they are able to take complex ideas and share them with an extremely accessible writing style so that novices and experts alike can apply them at their own institutions.” – Nominator

“Overall, I am continually impressed by both the volume and caliber of the work that Dr. Jody Fagan is able to produce. I appreciate that they enjoy working with others, helping new scholars to publish, and constantly seeking to share their knowledge with others. I find that they are a delight to collaborate with and I look forward to any opportunity to work with them in the future.” – Nominator

Jody Fagan’s academic achievements and willingness to mentor others have made an impact at JMU and beyond. Please join us in thanking and congratulating Jody!

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