JMU Participation in the AudiAnnotate Project

In 2019, JMU Libraries and Furious Flower were invited by principal investigator Tanya Clement to participate in the AudiAnnotate project, part of the HiPSTAS initiative. Funding from the Mellon Foundation supported two semesters of a graduate assistant’s work, under the leadership of Dr. Steven W. Holloway. Between August 2021 and May 2022, 16 Furious Flower Poetry Center videos were used to create interactive AudiAnnotate editions, combining transcription, speaker and environment “layers” with scholarly introductions. Firsts for JMU Libraries under the auspices of this project include posting full transcriptions for Furious Flower media, using GitHub to access digitized archival content and to support collaborative humanities research, and applying the IIIF standard to provide open access to Libraries assets. The project opens the doors to innovative cross-institutional research applications impossible with siloed, unstructured data.

Part of the Flowerings Phase 2 Project’s roadmap (Years 2-4) includes a review of Furious Flower’s web presences and interfaces. We will be excited to explore how our AudiAnnotate components and discoveries might be integrated into the emerging, holistic vision for FFPC’s digital scholarship experiences and workflows!

For more details, please contact Steven Holloway, project supervisor.

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