The Flowerings Project at JMU: Phase 2


What is the Flowerings Project?

Flowerings Project Phase II: Seeding and Tending Furious Flower’s Digital Archives and Infrastructure is a generous $2 million implementation grant to James Madison University (the Furious Flower Poetry Center in the College of Arts and Letters, and JMU Libraries) from the Mellon Foundation.

The 4.5-year grant (2022-2026) will support Furious Flower’s internationally recognized leadership and provide for archival description, digital preservation, and global access to an extensive archive of Furious Flower poetry and spoken word performance videos held by JMU Libraries Special Collections. The grant will help to strengthen and enhance the Center’s web and scholarly publishing infrastructure in partnership with open access and digital scholarship initiatives at the JMU Libraries.

The partners will implement a new model of integrated library support for a living, academic center for the arts with archival components. This model, developed as part of a prior planning grant, will be centered in the needs and insights of Black poets and their related scholarly and creative communities. Lauren K. Alleyne and Dr. Bethany Nowviskie serve as the project’s principal investigators.

Learn more from the press release at JMU News.

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Mellon Award #: 2012-09851

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