Flowerings Phase 1 Planning Grant: A Library in Transformation


What was the Flowerings Project Phase 1?

The Flowerings Project: a Library in Transformation (2019-2021) was funded by a generous $150,000 planning grant to James Madison University (the Furious Flower Poetry Center and JMU Libraries) from the Mellon Foundation. This grant enabled the development of a partnership model for digital library support of a living center for Black poetry. We are deeply grateful to our partners and advisors for their support of Phase 1, and look forward to continued friendship and collaboration as mutual interests may unfold. Information on Flowerings Phase 2 (2022-2026) can be found on its project page.

Principal investigators were Dr. Joanne Gabbin and Dr. Bethany Nowviskie.

Areas of Focus

Our initial proposal to the Mellon Foundation outlined nine Key Areas of inquiry.  Our deliverable, “Flowerings: A Framework for Mutual Growth,” is an open access publication outlining the partners’ goals, process, experience and preliminary outcomes, not just for the benefit of JMU but also for other university libraries, digital humanities centers and campus educational technology providers who wish to partner more authentically and equitably with collaborating organizations and communities.

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Mellon Award #: 1909-07155

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