6 Cool Things You Can Do with Your JACard at JMU Libraries

Posted on: October 31, 2022

Orientation staff member sitting at a table handing a JACard to a student next to a sign that says, "Orientation - JACard Pick-Up Here"

The JMU Access Card (JACard) gives students, faculty, and staff access to residence halls, buses and meal plans, but it also has some features you can try out in JMU Libraries!

Check out these 6 cool things you can do with your JACard in the Libraries:

1. Get access to special spaces in The Makery, including a virtual reality room and a soundproof narration room for recording things like podcasts!

Student wearing virtual reality headset holding out his arms in the middle of a room full of other students and a staff member holding VR controllers

2. Pay for printing in the Libraries from a Libraries computer or your device.

3. Add money to your JACard using our DART machines (next to the Ask the Library desks).

4. Swipe in to the Rose Library 24/7 Space any time of day or night.

Photo of Rose Library with zoomed in view of card swipe at the entrance to the 24/7 Space in Rose Library, just to the left of the main Rose Library entrance.

5. After 5pm, swipe in to our after-hours study spaces.

Photo of sunny, empty classroom with long tables and 20 chairs

6. Check out movies, music, and, of course, books!

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