JMU Libraries Facilities Use Policy

Two types of facilities use requests will be accepted during the Spring 2024 semester: requests to place charitable collection bins in the entrances at Rose Library and our new JMU Libraries Express location, and requests to host information tables in the Rose Library lobby. Send Us a Message to submit your request for review.

As we readjust spaces and services in Rose Library due to the Carrier Library renovation and expansion, requests to host meetings or events at Rose will not be accepted. To find other available spaces on campus, visit JMU Event Management‘s VirtualEMS system. (Last updated February 2024)

JMU Libraries supports JMU and community organizations and groups by providing the use of library facilities and spaces for events and outreach efforts. JMU Libraries has been pleased to support a range of events including interdisciplinary panels, voter registration tables, and more.

Interested in requesting use of library spaces for your group or organization? Explore our policies and procedures below.

Purpose of JMU Libraries’ Facilities

JMU Libraries facilities are intended to provide a variety of quiet, collaborative, and technology-mediated spaces for student and faculty study and research; to support programming offered by JMU Libraries and the Center for Faculty and Innovation (CFI); to provide access to collections; and to preserve and protect collections for future users.

JMU Libraries welcomes JMU and community organizations and groups to request use of library facilities and spaces, in keeping with our mission: “to engage with JMU’s diverse communities in their creation and search for knowledge through academic resources, physical and virtual spaces, and educational and research services.”

JMU Libraries is eager to provide access to our spaces for activities that meet our criteria, as described below. However, library facilities are not full-service event or conference spaces. JMU Libraries cannot provide set-up assistance, hosting, equipment support, tech support, or other type of event support. Groups seeking full-service event support should contact JMU Event Management.

No fees are charged for groups approved to use library facilities.

Applicability of the Facilities Use Policy

This policy applies to the use of facilities in JMU’s Rose Library for special events organized by JMU groups, staff, faculty, students, student organizations, or by local community groups.

This policy also applies to JMU groups, community groups, or individuals who want to request space in Rose to host an information table, put out charitable collection bins, or initiate filming or photography activities in the library facilities.

Spaces covered by this policy include the following, below:

Rose Library:

First Floor:

  • Entrance foyer
  • Lobby
  • Café area

Third Floor:

  • Flex space – seats 44
  • 3311 – seats 42
  • 3313 – seats 43

Fifth Floor:

  • 5211 – seats 45

This policy does not apply to library group study rooms, library instruction, JMU courses, exam proctoring, or events hosted or co-sponsored by JMU Libraries or CFI.

Facilities Use Policy Statement

JMU Libraries welcomes community organizations and JMU-related organizations and groups to request use of its facilities and may grant permission when the proposed event meets all of these criteria:

  • Is for non-commercial use
  • Will be held during regular facility open hours
  • Will not interfere with Libraries-sponsored or CFI-sponsored programs and services
  • Will not disrupt the library’s research and study environment or JMU Libraries operations
  • Follows the guidelines in this policy

All facility use requests are evaluated individually. In addition to the required criteria above, considerations in evaluating a request may include:

  • Availability of space.
  • Frequency of space use requests by the same group or organization.
  • Total length of the space use request.
  • Time of academic year of the space use request. JMU Libraries facilities are not available for event requests during JMU exam weeks.
  • Whether the request is for one date or multiple dates. JMU Libraries facilities may not be used for regular, recurring meetings such as faculty meetings.
  • The number of events in the facility at the time requested. JMU Libraries will determine the allowed number of events to be operated simultaneously in JMU Libraries facilities, and we do not guarantee one group sole use of the facilities except in the specific room/location(s) granted for the event’s use.
  • The request’s alignment with JMU’s or JMU Libraries’ mission, vision, and/or values.
  • When the request was submitted. JMU Libraries requires that requests be submitted at least two weeks before the date of the proposed event so that JMU Libraries staff have enough time to evaluate the request and communicate with the event organizers.

JMU Libraries is committed to the ideals of intellectual freedom and to maintaining a welcoming and safe environment for the entire JMU community. JMU Libraries reserves the right to deny permission for space usage based on content, communications, or behaviors determined to be disruptive or those that may create an unsafe working environment. Permission to use JMU Libraries facilities does not signify that JMU Libraries or JMU endorses the content presented at an event or the beliefs of the group or organization using the spaces.

In accordance with all applicable local, state, or university laws, JMU Libraries does not discriminate based on age, race, color, religion, sex, national origin, marital status, parental status, sexual orientation, gender identity, political ideology, creed, ancestry, or the presence of any sensory, mental or physical disability, when making decisions about requests to use facilities.

Permission to use facilities is revocable and does not constitute a lease. JMU Libraries reserves the right to preempt any scheduled events for JMU Libraries or CFI use if needed.

Determination of whether a request meets these criteria will be at the sole discretion of JMU Libraries. JMU Libraries has the right to decline any event based upon such determination. All decisions on space usage requests by JMU Libraries staff are final.

Additional information for requests to film and photograph: Filming and photography in library facilities is permitted for class projects but must not be disruptive to other library users. Students should alert JMU Libraries staff of their presence in the library before filming. Photography or filming for non-academic purposes may be granted on a case by-case basis; follow the Process for requesting permission for library facilities use to submit a request. Photography or filming for commercial purposes is expressly prohibited. Permission to use images in filming is the responsibility of the person filming and JMU Libraries takes no responsibility for how images are used.

Additional information for requests to host information tables: Groups and organizations may request to host tables in the library lobby if they wish to provide information, hand out free promotional items, or ask patrons to fill out surveys. Groups may not approach library visitors directly to conduct surveys or hand out items. Follow the Process for requesting permission for library facilities use to submit a request for an information table.

Additional information for requests to place collection bins: Collection bins for charitable causes may be allowed at the discretion of JMU Libraries. Boxes must not disrupt traffic or cause a fire code violation.  Boxes must be emptied regularly and removed at the end of the drive. If boxes overflow, they will be removed immediately. JMU Libraries may dispose of boxes and contents not collected by the sponsoring organization by the end of the drive. Follow the Process for requesting permission for library facilities use to submit a request to place a charitable bin in the library foyers.

Guidelines for Use of JMU Libraries Facilities by JMU Groups and Local Community Groups

Once a request is approved, groups should follow these guidelines for using the spaces:

  • Event organizers and guests will comply with all of JMU’s University Policies and with all laws (including, but not limited to, occupancy limits and fire codes) applicable to the use of JMU Libraries facilities.
  • Event organizers and guests will comply with any directions that JMU Libraries staff provide concerning the use of the facilities.
  • Reservation requests must include time for set-up and clean-up. Library staff will not help set-up or clean-up the event. Event facilitators or attendees will not have access to the library facility outside of regular library operating hours. Set-up and clean-up activities must occur during regular library operating hours.
  • Parking is not provided for event guests or organizers and passes cannot be distributed from JMU Libraries service points. Event organizers should contact JMU Parking and Transit Services to seek parking options.
  • Requests to serve food at events held in library facilities will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. JMU, through contract with ARAMARK Corporation, maintains exclusive right to provide food service on all university property.
  • Alcohol use is prohibited at events held by JMU and community organizations and groups in JMU Libraries facilities.
  • During times of inclement weather, it may be necessary for the libraries to close early, open late, or remain closed all day. When JMU Libraries or JMU announces an official closure or late opening, all events in the library facilities during the time of that closure will be cancelled.
  • The library facility should be left as found before the event. Furniture should be returned to its original placement, trash should be deposited in appropriate receptacles or removed, and all items used for the event must be removed from the facilities.
  • Signs on the day of the event notifying guests of event location may be posted in the library facility with prior approval.
  • Flyers advertising events ahead of time may be posted on the public bulletin boards in accordance with JMU policy 3104.

Process for Requesting Permission for JMU Libraries Facilities Use

Due to limited staffing and space constraints, external requests to host information tables, meetings or events in Libraries spaces will not be accepted during the 2022-2023 academic year. To find other available spaces on campus, visit JMU Event Management‘s VirtualEMS system.

Requests to place charitable collection bins in the entrances at Carrier and Rose will be accepted and must be approved before proceeding. Send Us a Message to submit your request for review. (Last updated August 23, 2022)