Shirron Ballard

Statistics Analyst

About me

Gathers and manipulates data relating to collections inventory and usage, providing ease of access and analysis from various systems and vendor sites for internal and external reporting. A sampling of the work done includes review projects for electronic formats, overlap analysis, weeding reports, providing data for academic program reviews, and helping with VIVA projects.

About Data Analytics

We compile, analyze, and visualize data for distribution and decision-making in support of the Libraries’ mission and our campus, state and national partnerships, including all reporting requirements.

About Libraries Administration

We support and challenge JMU Libraries’ staff and faculty to live up to our guiding statements — as we work together to provide excellent library and educational technology resources, spaces, services, and expertise to our campus community. Libraries’ Administration includes Communications and Outreach, Data Analytics, Facilities Operations, Finance and Human Resources, and the office of the Dean.