15 Things Anyone at JMU Can Do at the ETMC

Posted on: May 22, 2024

The Educational Technology & Media Center (ETMC) is one of the best-kept secrets on campus. Many people think it’s just for Education students because it’s located in Memorial Hall, but it’s open to everyone! Here are 15 things anyone can do in the ETMC:

1. Find the perfect place to study

photo of 8 students in the ETMC crowded around tables covered in children's books

The ETMC has couches, soft chairs, and desks for groups and individuals. Since it’s off the beaten path, it’s usually not too busy.

2. Use its first-come first-serve group study room

photo of group study room with large tv on the wall and 7 rolling office chairs around a table

Meeting up with a group to study or complete a group project? Check out the group study room in the ETMC. If it’s full, you can use one of the other study spaces in the ETMC.

3. Read a children’s book

photo of Where's Waldo children's book being pulled off a shelf of other children's books

The ETMC has a large collection of children’s literature, picture books, and young adult novels!

4. Pick up books or materials from other libraries

photo of a student picking up a children's book from a student employee at the ETMC service desk

Did you know you can choose any of our four library locations as your pickup location when you request books and other materials from JMU Libraries? You can even choose any of these four pickup locations for items you’re getting from another library through Interlibrary Loan

5. Print a paper for class

photo of office printer with a sign that says, "Wireless Printing Available!"

Our color and black-and-white printers are available to anyone with a JACard.

6. Cut out vinyl and more on Cricut cutters

Close-up photo of bright purple Cricut cutter

If you’ve never used a Cricut cutter, you’re in for a treat! These precision cutters are perfect for making custom vinyl stickers, stencils and much more.

7. Try out the 3-D printers

photo of transparent 3-D printer with brightly colored components

Whether for a personal project or something for school, swing by the ETMC if you want to use our 3-D printers! Materials are free to use.

8. Get it straight with a paper cutter

close-up photo of hands aligning paper in a paper cutter

If you have a lot of straight cutting to do, find a time to swing by the ETMC.

9. Paint something

close-up photo of two paintbrushes and an array of paints

Whether your project is for school, for work, or for fun, paints and paintbrushes in the ETMC are free to use.

10. Cut out letters and shapes with die cutters

photo of well organized wall of die cutters, which look like metal cookie cutters hammered into a slab of wood.

Ever wondered how your teachers make those cut-out letters and numbers for bulletin boards? They’re made with die cutters, and you can use them, too! Use our paper or bring your own.

11. Laminate that paper (it’ll last longer!)

a student gathering laminated cards she has just cut out

If you need your paper to be slick, waterproof, or dry-erase friendly, bring it down to the ETMC and run it through our laminating machines. Lamination costs $0.50 per foot for the 12-inch width or $0.75 for 25 inches (cash or check only).

12. Eat food or enjoy a coffee from the Corner Bistro in Memorial Hall 

photo of 8 students at the Corner Bistro cafe, waiting in line and picking up orders

Need a snack or caffeine boost to power through a paper? Food and drinks are allowed in the ETMC (just not near the computers or books).

13. Borrow a board game

photo of a vertical shelf in the middle of the ETMC with board games, including Scrabble, Bananagrams, Apples to Apples, and Headbanz

You can play board games like Headbanz, Scrabble, or Boggle in the ETMC or check them out to take to a teaching practicum site (or a game night with friends)!

14. Get CPR certified

photo of instructor and 7 students at the tables in the ETMC each standing near a CPR dummy that is upright in a chair

If you have always wanted American Heart Association certification in CPR, First Aid, and AED, this is the place! Sign up for a $70 training (free for College of Education students) through Compression 101, LLC.

15. Visit with the Education Librarian, Brian Sullivan 

photo of Brian Sullivan, who is wearing a JMU Libraries jacket and thick rimmed glasses and has a beard

Did you know JMU Libraries has a designated librarian for every major? Brian is the liaison librarian for the College of Education, but if you happen to be in the ETMC when he’s available, he can help answer research questions from anyone!

map of Memorial Hall and surrounding parking lots. Bus stop is at the front of the building. To reach ETMC, follow the sidewalk in the direction the bus is facing. Follow the sidewalk when it turns right at the end of the building. When the sidewalk turns right again for Entrance E, don't follow it, but continue straight across about 7 parking spaces until the sidewalk picks up again on the other side. Continue straight until you reach the wider walkway going off to the right for Entrance F to Memorial Hall. ETMC is just inside Entrance F.


Want to see the ETMC for yourself? Don’t park in the main lot or enter through the front doors. You can save yourself a lot of time wandering around Memorial Hall by following these directions:

Use Grace Street to park behind Memorial Hall (in the R9 lot), and walk back along Grace Street (the “left” side of the building) to Entrance F. You’ll see us as you enter the building.

Find more information about parking near JMU Libraries locations.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

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