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This JMU Libraries’ service has the purposes of:

      1. Accepts requests for materials that are integral to your teaching goals and not supplementary or optional for those goals and for your students.
      2. Reviews your request for Canvas use of audio/video media that we own, or you own, and if approved provides access in the streaming form within your course site.

These sources contain material that is available under Creative Commons, Public Domain, or JMU license.

Video Management Services: Find out how JMU Libraries’ video management services can help your video hosting and publish for online and blended courses.

Canvas Learning Management System is the primary online, blended, and distance learning platform that is supported by the JMU Libraries and JMU Information Technology.  More information about JMU Canvas and support can be accessed at

Online Teaching Strategy Updates

Synchronous Online Teaching – Enhance Presence and Interaction

More and more online and blended classes use synchronous technologies to connect class members with video and audio communication.

Student-Reported Use of Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication in Online Courses

Student-Reported Use of Asynchronous and Synchronous Communication in Online Courses: 2019 Best Colleges Online Education Trends Report

Best Practice for Synchronous Sessions by Kristina Wilson from Northwestern University.

Should you add a synchronous component to your online teaching strategy? by Christine Lewinski, Ed.D from Keypath Instructional Services