Locker Policy

Rose Library offers lockers in the 24/7 space on the first floor. This space requires you use your JACard to swipe in. The lockers are to your left from the entrance.

These lockers are for temporary, short-term storage. Lockers are cleared weekly. The lockers are first-come, first-served and may not be reserved.

More Information

  • Setting and remembering the combination is the responsibility of the user.
  • Lockers are subject to inspection at any time. Library staff have access to materials stored in lockers and may remove prohibited materials from them. Food and drink may not be stored in lockers and will be disposed of immediately.
  • Items left in lockers at the end of the week will be placed in the Lost and Found and may be claimed at the Ask the Library desk. Library materials left in lockers will be checked in and re-shelved during the weekly locker clearing process.
  • It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that library items kept inside the lockers are returned or renewed by their due date.
  • The JMU Libraries Conduct Policy applies to locker use.
  • JMU Libraries is not responsible for theft of or damage to materials kept in lockers, including library materials.
  • If you forget your combination or if the locker won’t let you in you can come up to the front desk at the library and someone should be able to help you open the locker.


Please Ask the Library or consult our FAQ on lockers in the Libraries.