Kevin Hegg

Head of Digital Projects, Administrative Faculty

Kevin Hegg


Building: Carrier Library
Office: 22B
MSC: 1704

Departments: Digital Projects, Learning Innovations & Design

Pronouns: He / Him / His

About me

I have worked at JMU for almost 25 years in various technology positions within JMU Libraries. My experience spans a wide variety of technology work, from managing computer labs and server hardware to developing a large open-source software project used by hundreds of universities. More recently, I managed a small group of programmers and IT professionals who provisioned and managed the campus LMS, WordPress, Omeka, and other instructional systems. Today I work on a small team with expertise in design, pedagogy, and technology. We collaborate with faculty and students on a variety of innovative and cutting-edge digital projects and assignments. Most days, you will find us helping faculty integrate the use of Digital Humanities practices in the classroom. My current interests include text and data mining, analysis, and visualization. I am especially focused on maps, graphs, and charts using tools and platforms like Tableau and the ESRI GIS suite. I am also learning more about text and data mining and analysis.

About Digital Projects

We build partnerships with faculty and students to design learning experiences that leverage critical instructional design and critical digital pedagogy. Through the lens of social justice and using equity-based strategies, we support faculty and students as they design, implement, and evaluate digital projects that enhance, transform, and promote scholarship, teaching, and learning.

About Learning Innovations & Design

We create virtual and physical spaces, programs, and services for the JMU community to enhance, experiment with, and innovate in their teaching, learning, and scholarship. Departments include Classroom Technology Services, Digital Projects, Educational Technology Services, Instructional Design, Learning Technology ServicesMakerspace Services & Instruction, and Media Production Services.