Academic Engagement

Academic Engagement is a new, public-facing division of the Libraries, under formation now. Departments include Library and Information Services, the Music Library, Research & Education Services, and Digital Scholarship and Distinctive Collections, which includes Digital Projects and Special Collections.

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Name Title Phone Email
Brown Morgan Brown Night Supervisor 540-568-6041
McQueen Noah McQueen Library Services Specialist 540-568-4277
Ismail Mariam Ismail Graduate Assistant
Cosme-Brooks Iliana Cosme-Brooks Graduate Assistant
Bailey Amelia Bailey Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Gardner Grant Gardner Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Eckler Kathryn Eckler Science & Math Librarian 540-568-5730
Birchett Maddie Birchett Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Richardson Michael Richardson Music Library Night Supervisor
Carpenter Layne Carpenter Digital Archivist
Bishop Kayleigh Bishop Library Services Specialist 540-568-4282
Oates, Ph.D. N’Kosi Oates, Ph.D. Instruction Librarian and Curator for Black Arts and Culture, Assistant Professor
Birch Caitlin Birch Director of Digital Scholarship and Distinctive Collections 540-568-2885
Smith Grace Smith Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Mobley Lilith Mobley Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Ludwig Dane Ludwig Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Linsinbigler Valerie Linsinbigler Business Librarian 540-568-3285
Eagle Brianna Eagle Library Services Specialist (Virtual Services) 540-568-8858
Woo Joanna Woo Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Mlodynia Kirsten Mlodynia Digital Projects Specialist 540-568-6610
D'Avanzo Jade D’Avanzo Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Price Elizabeth Price Business Librarian 540-568-4084
Morris Kate Morris Head of Special Collections 540-568-3444
Merkel Julia Merkel Preservation Officer 540-568-7040
Hegg Kevin Hegg Head of Digital Projects 540-568-6945
Giles Kelly Giles Applied Sciences Librarian 540-568-4287
Frederick Rick Frederick Library Services Supervisor 540-568-6150
Flota Brian Flota Humanities Librarian 540-568-6779
Evans Andrew Evans Student and Systems Coordinator 540-568-4744
Cole Tiffany Cole Special Collections Archivist 540-568-5166
Cockburn Brian Cockburn Director, Music Library 540-568-6978
Clarke Kathy Clarke Liaison Librarian 540-568-2911
Chenevey Liz Chenevey Health & Behavioral Studies Librarian 540-568-5146
Campbell Jeff Campbell Head of Library and Information Services 540-568-6818
Blair Rebecca Blair Library Services Coordinator 540-568-4786
Benavides Faith Benavides Special Collections Public Services Coordinator 540-568-3612
Bayne-Lin Liana Bayne-Lin Science & Math Librarian 540-568-7536
Sapp Lara Sapp Health & Behavioral Studies Librarian 540-568-7657
Saunders Grover Saunders Immersive & Digital Projects Specialist 540-568-3572
Schubert Carolyn Schubert Associate Dean for Academic Engagement, Interim Director of Research & Education Services 540-568-4264
Culbertson Wynn Culbertson Music Library Assistant 540-568-8035
Snively Karen Snively Music Library Services Manager 540-568-3542
Sullivan Brian Sullivan Education Librarian 540-568-6360
Vess David Vess Visual & Performing Arts Librarian, UX Librarian 540-568-2212
Willey Malia Willey Humanities Librarian 540-568-6899
Amyot Cairdeas Bodeene Amyot Cairdeas Digital and Audiovisual Archivist 540-568-8858