Borrow & Renew

Borrowing and Renewing

Patron Types

JMU Students | Undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and continuing education students who are currently enrolled. The Libraries also offers resources for online students on our Online, Hybrid, and Distance Learning page.

JMU Faculty, Staff, and University Affiliates | Faculty and staff currently working for JMU, or those holding emeriti status. Professors have the option to set up a sponsored student proxy checkout (see the “Proxy patrons” section below). Some Affiliates accounts may require an updated ID from Card Services to function in library card swipes.

JMU Alumni | As a JMU graduate, you can still access all library spaces and some library resources and databases. Check out our Services for Visitors and Alumni and these open access databases.

Community Borrowers | Massanutten Regional Library patrons, Rockingham Memorial Hospital employees, Virginia state teachers, borrowers and emeriti from participating VIVA institutions, and borrowers with a current school ID from Bridgewater College, Blue Ridge Community College, or Eastern Mennonite University. Community borrowers must be at least 16 years of age.

Community borrower accounts can be created at a service desk at Rose Library, the Music Library, or JMU Libraries Express. You must provide the appropriate identification along with a valid photo ID.

Proxy patrons | Current JMU Libraries borrowers may authorize another person (“proxy patron”) to check out library materials for them. The materials are checked out to the library borrowers’ account and given to the proxy patron. ILL patrons may designate an “Authorized User” directly within their ILL account.

To initiate and use proxy patron status:

  • Email with the name and email address of the proxy patron you would like to authorize to check out materials for you. Please include the reason for your proxy patron request.
  • When checking out materials, the proxy patron will be required to provide a valid ID and the library borrower’s name on whose account the materials will be checked out.

Details of proxy patron status:

  • The library borrower remains responsible for anything checked out on their account by a proxy patron.
  • By authorizing a proxy patron, the library borrower agrees that the proxy patron will have access to materials that otherwise are held as private.
  • Proxy patron authorization will expire July 31 of the current year, unless an earlier date is requested. The library borrower will be notified and may request renewal at the time of expiration.

Checking Out Materials

Item Type Loan Period Renewals
General collection items 4 Months Students and Community Borrowers = 2
Faculty and Staff = unlimited
Journals and other periodicals; Reference books; Collected edition scores 4 Days No Renewals
Audio & Video 4 Weeks Students and Community Borrowers = 2
Faculty and Staff = unlimited
Course Reserves

4 hours or 4 days

(4-hour or overnight in Music Library)

No Renewals

You may use your JACard (JMU Access Card) or other photo ID to check items out at a service desk in any library location.

If you need an item that is not in our collections, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan.

Returning and Renewing Items

In-person returns

Books and media may be returned to any JMU library location during operating hours. You may also return these items at any time to one of our book drops.

All equipment should be returned to the library location from which it was originally checked out.

Returns via campus mail

Books and media that fit into an interoffice mail envelope may be sent to us via campus mail. Send them to MSC 1704.

Returns via U.S. Postal Service

You may mail JMU Libraries’ books and media back to us at this address:

The Hub
MSC 1704
James Madison University
771 Duke Drive
Harrisonburg, VA 22807

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Items 

You may return ILL items at any library location or book drop. If you would like to ask about mailing Interlibrary Loan items to us, please contact

Renewing Items

You have five options when you want to renew items you have checked out from JMU Libraries:

  1. Log in to Library Search
  2. Email
  3. Reply to email notices
  4. Call 540-568-6150 during our hours of operation
  5. Visit a service desk with your JACard or a valid photo ID


Sometimes, we need to notify you that you must bring back an item that you have checked out — before its original due date. This is called a “recall.”  Items can be recalled by library staff or by a library patron. If your item is recalled, you will receive an email notice confirming the new due date, which is typically 10 days from the time of the recall. You may work with Interlibrary Loan to borrow a different copy of the item. You may also place request for the same item to receive it back as soon as it is made available. Questions regarding recalls may be sent to

Library Delivery Services

Most of our books and other collections items, including those in storage, are available via our convenient delivery services. You can request items for pickup at any library location, receive items in your campus mailbox (faculty, staff, and doctoral students only), or get scanned book chapters or journal articles delivered to your email. Learn more below.

Request delivery of books and other physical items:

Any registered borrower may request that circulating books and media be delivered to any JMU Libraries location for pickup at the service desk.

Faculty, staff, and graduate students may request items be delivered to their departmental mailbox.

Deliveries to library locations and departmental mailboxes are made daily, Monday through Friday. Most deliveries are processed within 2 working days. There are no deliveries on the weekend or when the University is closed.

To request items for delivery to a library location or a campus mailbox:

  1. Find the item you want in the Library Catalog. If you would like help searching for items, please Ask the Library.
  2. Select or click the title of the item you want.
  3. If you are not already signed in, click Sign in under the Get It heading:
  4. Sign in with your JMU eID or your Community Borrower* login.
  5. Click Request for delivery of pickup under the Get It heading.
  6. On the Request for Pickup screen, choose your preferred Pickup Location. For campus mailbox delivery, scroll down and select Work Address.
  7. Under Not needed after, choose the date by which you would no longer want this item.
  8. Click Send Request.
  9. After submitting your request, you will receive an email with information on how to pick up your materials. In most cases, you will receive this email with one working day of submitting your request (e.g. if you submit a request on Friday, you will probably receive the email on the following Monday).

Campus Mailbox Delivery

JMU faculty, staff, and doctoral students who have their campus mailbox listed in MyMadison may request items be delivered to their departmental mailbox by following the steps and screenshots above and selecting “Work Address” for the Pickup Location.

For doctoral students to receive Interlibrary Loan items, they must enter their JMU departmental mailbox as their local address in their ILL account.

Electronic Delivery

For electronic delivery of journal articles and book chapters from the JMU Libraries’ collections, use our Scan & Deliver service.

For electronic delivery of journal articles and book chapters (and some ebooks) from other institutions, submit a request through our Interlibrary Loan service.

Interlibrary Loan

To request items from other libraries, use our Interlibrary Loan service.

Delivery of Items in On-Campus or Off-Campus Storage

Some library items are held in storage and can be requested following the “Delivery of physical items” steps above. If the item you are requesting has a specific volume, year, or edition, please note that information as a comment while submitting the request. If you have any questions when requesting items, please email

Fines and Fees

Types of Fines and Fees

Replacement Fees: While we have no overdue fines, items are considered “lost” 45 days after becoming overdue. At that time, a replacement fee will be be posted to the University Business Office.  Fee amounts vary. However, most books from our general collection incur a $100 replacement fee.

Please note that loans are subject to Recalls which may shorten the original loan period.

Notices and Account Blocks: Email notices are sent when each item becomes overdue, and again 30 days later to alert you to the pending charge. Your library account may be blocked (preventing you from checking out other items) if the total owed exceeds the amount listed in the table below. Patrons then have an additional 2-week grace period to engage with library staff by emailing or responding to any email notices. We will work to provide options that may reduce or eliminate the fee before the item becomes 45 days overdue, at which time the fee will be posted to the University Business Office (UBO). The UBO may place further blocks on the patron’s university account, which could impact registration, access to transcripts, and (if not paid within 90 additional days) may result in the fee being forwarded to a third-party collection agency.

Patron Type Account Blocked
JMU Students, Community borrowers once borrower has accrued $20.00 in fees.
JMU Faculty, Staff, and University Affiliates once borrower has accrued $200.00 in fees

Repair Fees: When materials are returned damaged, borrowers may be responsible for repair fees. These will be assessed individually by item. To discuss replacement and repair options, please email

Fee Payments

After an item is 45 days overdue, replacement fees owed to the Libraries will be posted to the University Business office and can be paid online or in person by check, cash, or Flex. Please contact for more information.

Fee Appeals

If you have been charged for the replacement of a library book and wish to appeal the fee, please complete this form, email or respond to any emailed notices. To be considered, appeals must be submitted by the library borrower within 45 days of receiving the initial overdue notice. Each appeal is assessed on an individual basis. Fees that have already been submitted to the University Business Office will not be considered for appeal.

Equipment Lending

Equipment to Check Out

JMU students, faculty, staff, and affiliate borrowers can check out digital, video, and other multimedia  equipment from Rose Library or the Music Library.

Computer Accessories

The Ask the Library desk on the first floor of Rose Library has a small number of HDMI cables and disc drives available to check out. 

The Music Library offers headphones, midi keyboards, computer mice, and USB Apple superdrives to check out.  

All of these accessories can be checked out with a JACard for 4 hours at a time. These accessories must stay in the library from which they were checked out.