The Top 5 Things that Future Dukes Need to Know about JMU Libraries

Posted on: October 2, 2023

1. JMU Libraries helps students with their academic and creative projects, whether for class or for personal interests!

We help students level up their research skills to meet the challenge of college-level assignments. 

But we also help them explore their creative side in our makerspace! JMU students get access to the Libraries’ multimedia technologies, equipment to check out, and fun, free workshops in The Makery in Rose Library (pictured below). 

From sewing to podcasting or 3D printing, the crafts and creations students can make in JMU Libraries are basically infinite!

2. The renovated and expanded Carrier Library is scheduled to reopen by Fall 2026.

Carrier Library, one of JMU’s four library locations, is being renovated and expanded. This is excellent news for future Dukes because they will benefit from a welcoming, usable, and beautiful future Carrier Library — with a relaxation room, universal restrooms on every floor, a student kitchenette, group study rooms, inspiring reading rooms, and so much more.

This project does not affect salaries, other construction projects, or the cost of attending JMU, since the cost of renovating and expanding Carrier is covered by special funding from the state budget.

Get a preview of the future Carrier Library in this 47-second video:

Short video giving a preview of the new Carrier Library
Screenshot of our video about the future Carrier Library

3. Carrier Library may be under construction, but you have so many study space options!

No matter your study style, JMU has you covered! Visit the new JMU Study Spaces Map to discover dozens of places for Dukes to work in groups or power through their homework. 

Interactive map showing study spaces at JMU

This map includes our other four library locations, which offer lots of great amenities: a café, a 24/7 study space, a makerspace, a small art gallery, printers, scanners, cozy seats, books, and friendly, knowledgeable staff! 

Don’t miss this list of the top 15 places to study or work in JMU Libraries. You’ll even learn where to get the best view of the youngest volcano on the East Coast!

Top 15 Places to Study in JMU Libraries

4. Students can use our convenient library book delivery service!

Students don’t have to search the bookshelves: they can request delivery of library books to any library location for convenient pickup! Click on what you want in our online catalog, then pick it up in two days or less. If you like browsing books, though, we have plenty of them available! We also have lots of ebooks, online streaming videos, research databases, and journal articles available 24/7 online.

Learn more about using library services in this JMU video:

A video about using library services at JMU

5. You have your own librarian!

Liaison librarians provide personalized help for JMU students. Each of our librarians specializes in a major, like Biology or English. Visit our Research Guides to get started. Our librarians can help you find the best sources on your topic, manage citations, and more!

Want to learn more about what JMU Libraries can do for Dukes?

Visit our Student Services page to learn about how to get access to paid online news sites, our seed library, copyright-free images and music, and so much more!

Questions? Ask the Library!

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