Top 15 Places to Study in JMU Libraries

Posted on: August 8, 2023

Finding the right spot to study can make all the difference, whether you’re looking for a space that’s conversation-friendly, ultra-quiet, cozy, or sunny and open. While exploring is the best way to find your favorite spot, this list can get you started!

Rose Library

1. Swipe-in 24/7 space
2. Café space
3. Hangout space with puzzles and games
4. Group study rooms
5. Flex space
6. Quiet booths
7. The Nook
8. Evening quiet study spaces
9. Balcony lounge
10. Volcano view

ETMC (Educational Technology & Media Center)

11. Open tables and soft chairs
12. Group study room

The Music Library

13. MusiCommons lab
14. The “little” Gallery Underground

JMU Libraries Express

15. Sunny view of Main Street

Rose Library 1st Floor

1. Swipe-in 24/7 Space

Big tables, group study rooms, a computer and printing lab, individual bathrooms, and vending machines? The 24/7 space in Rose Library is the all-nighter’s dream. Swipe into the side door (on the side of the building closest to Phys/Chem) at any hour and enjoy this always-available space.

2. Café space

photo of students sitting at tables in front of Starbucks

If quiet spaces are not your thing, try grabbing a table near Starbucks! With the classic café sounds of clinking coffee-making tools and the scent of pastries wafting through the air, this is a great space for casual studying or short meetups.

2nd Floor

3. Hangout Space with Puzzles and Games

Do you need a study break every 5 minutes? We get it. Try this space on the second floor in Rose with magazines, games, and LEGO bricks!

4. Group Study Rooms

Need a place for your project group to meet next week? You can reserve a group study room (on the second or fourth floor) with a large table and a whiteboard. Some rooms include a TV to practice presentations, too! There are also first-come, first-served rooms on the first and third floors.

3rd Floor

5. Flex Space

Like a big breath of fresh air, studying in the flex space never gets old. Called the “flex” space because of its completely mobile chairs, tables, and whiteboards, there’s a chance it’ll never look exactly the same each time you go!

6. Quiet Booths

photo of four booths with glass doors and students studying inside

Take a deep breath, say “om,” and hop into one of our quiet booths for an intense study session. With individual booth airflow systems, sound dampening walls, and adjustable desks, you can really get into the zone! (There are some available on the 4th floor, too!)

7. The Nook

Tucked away on the third floor in Rose, step off the elevator, turn right, and walk until you find yourself in the nook. This small space offers great views of campus, big tables, and usually a whiteboard or two. It’s a calm space to work with a partner or get some solo homework done!

8. Evening Quiet Study Spaces

After 5pm on weekdays, Rose 3311 and 3313 are freed up for studying! Just swipe in with your JACard for access to some really quiet spaces!

4th Floor

9. Balcony Lounge

If you’re standing in the flex space in Rose, look at the top of the stairs. You’ll be able to spot a small balcony with comfy chairs and a few coffee tables. This area combines all the openness of the flex space with the privacy of a study room.

10. Volcano View

From the study tables on the 4th floor of Rose Library, you get a perfect view of a dormant volcano called Mole Hill – the youngest volcano on the East Coast!

ETMC (Educational Technology & Media Center)

11. Open tables, soft chairs, and a computer lab

Located in Memorial Hall, many of the books and resources in the ETMC were selected with Education students in mind, but the study space and computer lab in the ETMC are available to anyone! Plus, if you need a paper cutter, laminator, or other supplies for a project, you can find those in the ETMC.

11. Group study room

The first-come, first-serve group study room in the ETMC is open to everyone! If you’re practicing a presentation with your group, you can connect your computer to the screen.

The Music Library

13. MusiCommons lab

The computer lab in the Music Library, called the MusiCommons lab is outfitted with music technology, but it’s also available for regular study!

Enjoy some music-themed art in The little Gallery Underground. (And just look at all those outlets!)

JMU Libraries Express

15. Sunny view of Main Street

You’ve probably driven past this location a million times (on South Main Street near FedEx, a very short walk from the quad). As of May 2023, it’s a new library location, with printers, computers, microfilm and media players, lots of tables, and friendly staff ready to help you!

Come explore all our library locations or visit the JMU study spaces map to find your own favorite spot!

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