Music Special Collections

JMU Performance Collection
Tape, video, and other recordings of School of music recitals, concerts, and other performances from 1956 to the present.

Dr. Marianne Perkins String Pedagogy Collection
Music, methods, notes, video, audio from Dr. Perkins study of the three most important string pedagogues of the 20th Century.

Paul Lavalle Collection
Scores, original works, arrangements, photographs, and ephemera of one of the most popular band directors in the World.

Gena Branscombe Collection
Manuscripts, letters and photographs of a pioneer female composer.

Music Special Collections consists of unique collections of materials, much of which can only be found at JMU.  The Marianne Perkins, Paul Lavalle and Gena Brancombe collections require special permission to use.

The JMU Performance collection may only be played by a staff member behind the desk and listened to through distributed audio in the listening area.  You may not “check out” the recordings.  However, you  may request a duplication under certain conditions