We administer and support a wide range of library and educational technologies. Teams include Desktop Support, Learning Technology Services, Systems & Operations, and Web & Applications Services.

  • Desktop Support: We support library staff with hardware and software needs. We manage computing, printing, and scanning in public and classroom spaces.
  • Learning Technology Services: We support the university’s learning management system (LMS), technologies integrated into the LMS, classroom interaction, proctoring, and course evaluation software.
  • Systems & Operations: We support library data center infrastructure, administer physical and virtual servers, and install and maintain library systems.
  • Web & Application Services: We manage our web presences and web applications in addition to administering video management services, tools for internal collaboration, and user-focused library services platforms.
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Name Title Phone Email
Miles Anthony Miles Learning Systems Specialist 540-568-2856
Lantz Erich Lantz Web Specialist 540-568-2218
Huffman Chris Huffman Information Technology Analyst 540-568-6999
Holsinger Harper Holsinger Web Specialist 540-568-4712
Hartman Bill Hartman Director of Technology 540-568-7934
Hansen Eric Hansen Head of Learning Technology Services 540-568-2858
Groene Victoria Groene Head of Libraries Desktop Support 540-568-4920
Garmer Jack Garmer System Administrator & Developer 540-568-4235
Gaines David Gaines System & Applications Administrator 540-568-6677 (currently working from home)
Fox Titus Fox Project Manager & System Administrator 540-568-3823
Ennis Blaze Ennis IT Analyst 540-568-4290
Dove Matthew Dove Learning Support Specialist I 540-568-8116
Davis Donna Davis Course Evaluation Administrator 540-568-7697
Brown Greg Brown Head, Web & Application Services 540-568-2965
Brefo Luther Brefo IT Analyst 540-568-4826
Sears Matthew Sears Lead Linux Administrator 540-568-5319
Short Jonathan Short Assistant Director of Technology - Development & Operations 540-568-7067
Spitzer Greg Spitzer Head of Systems & Operations 540-568-6429
Taylor Brent Taylor Learning Systems Specialist 540-568-3582
Weaver Darren Weaver IT Analyst 540-568-4291