Video Management Services

JMU Libraries currently supports two major systems that can host instructional video content for JMU faculty and staff: illumira and Canvas. We also support the Canvas Studio and Zoom software to record class presentations.

Systems Overview



Course by Course
Student & Faculty
Canvas Studio is a communication tool that allows instructors and students to actively collaborate through video and audio media. Canvas Studio is for media used within a course and is intended not for long term storage or archiving.

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60 day limit
Faculty, Staff & Students
Video conferencing software for use by faculty, staff, and students. May also be used to record conferences and classroom lectures.

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illumira Video Hosting

Faculty Only
Hosting service for JMU faculty and staff to upload and share instructional video and audio. illumira is for media used on a regular basis by a course or for active collaboration, not for long term storage or archiving

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Video Hosting and Storage Options

illumira and Canvas are intended for actively used, instructional content. The below table compares these systems with appropriate options for longer-term storage supported by JMU.

System Intended Use Storage Availability
illumira Video Hosting For instructional video and audio
(not for long term storage)
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5 GB Faculty and Staff Only
Canvas Upload video and audio files into Canvas courses for sharing.
(not for long term storage)
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Course by Course Faculty & Students
One Drive For Business Personal online storage space for faculty
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5120 GB Faculty Only
Dukes One Drive For Business Personal online storage space for students
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1020 GB Students Only
JMU Network File Storage Networked file storage space for individuals and departments.
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Varies Faculty Only

For questions or concerns regarding JMU Libraries’ support for video management, please contact: