Liaison Librarians

Get Help

We can help faculty and students find, evaluate, and use information for assignments and projects.

We can teach:

  • evaluating sources in an academic context
  • developing appropriate search strategies
  • navigating sources within an academic subject
  • using information ethically
  • creating and managing citations
  • and more

Get Noticed

We can help you understand your role as a creator and discuss options for sharing and preserving your work.

We can advise you on:

  • identifying ways to share your research
  • understanding copyright & author rights
  • demonstrating and shaping your work’s impact via statistical tools
  • using or creating open educational resources
  • managing your research data
  • and more

Get Materials

We maintain relevant and timely library collections by:

  • selecting new content that advances research or teaching
  • advocating for the acquisition of library materials
  • reviewing subscriptions regularly to determine usefulness
  • identifying materials to be removed from public collections
  • promoting Libraries collections
  • and more

You can schedule an appointment with a liaison librarian online or contact the librarian directly.