Liaison Librarians

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We can help faculty and students find, evaluate, and use information for assignments and projects. We can teach:

  • evaluating sources in an academic context
  • developing appropriate search strategies
  • navigating sources within an academic subject
  • using information ethically
  • creating and managing citations

Get Noticed

We can help you understand your role as a creator and discuss options for sharing and preserving your work. We can advise on:

  • identifying ways to share your research
  • understanding copyright & author rights
  • demonstrating and shaping your work’s impact via statistical tools
  • using or creating open educational resources
  • managing your research data

Get Materials

We maintain relevant and timely library collections by:

  • selecting new content that advances research or teaching
  • advocating for the acquisition of library materials
  • reviewing subscriptions regularly to determine usefulness
  • managing and promoting public collections

You can schedule an appointment with a liaison librarian online or contact the librarian directly.

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Howard S. Carrier

Carrier Howard S. Carrier
Copyright Librarian

Chenevey Liz Chenevey
Health & Behavioral Studies Librarian

Clarke Kathy Clarke
Liaison Librarian

Cockburn Brian Cockburn
Director, Music Library

Flota Brian Flota
Humanities Librarian
Profile photo of Kelly Giles

Giles Kelly Giles
Applied Sciences Librarian
Valerie Linsinbigler

Linsinbigler Valerie Linsinbigler
Business Librarian
Elizabeth Price profile picture

Price Elizabeth Price
Business Librarian
Profile photo of Lara Sapp

Sapp Lara Sapp
Health & Behavioral Studies Librarian
Carolyn Schubert headshot

Schubert Carolyn Schubert
Interim Associate Dean for Academic Engagement; Interim Science & Math Librarian

Sullivan Brian Sullivan
Education Librarian
Portrait of David Vess

Vess David Vess
Visual & Performing Arts Librarian, UX Librarian
Image of Malia Willey

Willey Malia Willey
Interim Director of Research & Education Services; Humanities Librarian