Values Informing this Work

Our long-term goal with this work is to be part of a sustainable system for sharing academic research that is deeply and fully aligned with our mission and values, open by default, and accessible to all authors and readers. Our work on this is deeply informed by the professional and organizational values we hold as librarians and members of the JMU community. 

As we engage with vendors, we will:  

Ultimately, by increasing access to journals, we will demonstrate our commitment to an important aspect of our own diversity statement: providing access to “collections… that reflect a variety of perspectives and lived experiences.” 

As “user-oriented focus” is one of the JMU Libraries’ key values, we will listen to you — the researchers, teachers, leaders, and students on our campus — in the coming months as we develop and pursue our strategy for this important work. Our success will depend on your engagement, feedback, and support, and we look forward to working together.