Access to Journal Articles Outside the Paywall

Our commitment is to get you the information you need for teaching and research, even in cases where we can’t afford a particular journal bundle. 

  • Contact the JMU Libraries’ interlibrary loan experts. They can purchase or otherwise retrieve the articles you need within a few days — often hours. 

There are other legitimate ways to access articles that might be housed behind a publisher paywall. If you need assistance or have questions about accessing specific articles, contact your liaison librarian or Ask the Library 

Some techniques you or your liaison librarian may try: 

  • Install browser plug-ins Open Access Button and Unpaywall – you may be able to locate a legal preprint copy of an article free for downloading. 
  • Search for open access copies through Google Scholar and PubMed Central.  
  • Check OSF Preprints, which indexes many online preprint repositories that you can search from one box. 
  • Contact the author directly. Many universities have faculty open access policies and research is deposited in the university’s institutional repository. JMU’s institutional repository is JMU Scholarly Commons.