Access to Journal Articles Without a Subscription

We are committed to getting you the information you need for teaching, research, and learning. If you can’t find the article you need in one of the journals we subscribe to, you can:

  • Utilize JMU Libraries’ interlibrary loan service. We can purchase or otherwise retrieve the articles you need within a few days — more often just a few hours. 
  • Install browser plug-ins for LibKey Nomad, Open Access Button and/or Unpaywall – you may be able to locate an open access version of an article to download. 
  • Use Google Scholar or PubMed Central to find an openly available version of the article.  
  • Check OSF Preprints, which supports many online preprint repositories that you can search from one box. 
  • Contact the author directly. Many universities have faculty open access policies where research is deposited in the university’s institutional repository. JMU’s institutional repository is JMU Scholarly Commons. 

Contact Ask the Library if you need assistance or have questions about accessing specific articles.

Alternative Access Infographic

Alternative Access Graphic (opens PDF)

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