The Music Library and ETMC Are for Everyone at JMU

Posted on: April 24, 2024

With Carrier Library scheduled to reopen for Fall semester 2026, now is a great time to get to know some of our other library spaces on campus. 

Rose Library is a landmark on East Campus, and JMU Libraries Express is a new, temporary location near the Quad. But did you know JMU also has a Music Library and an Educational Technology and Media Center?

The Music Library and ETMC are available to anyone. At these two locations, you can access printing, study spaces, and our pickup service for books requested from other library locations. In addition:

  • The Music Library, in the basement of the Music Building, is where anyone can borrow music, listen to vinyl records, transfer audio, use our music production software and equipment, and borrow video and audio recording equipment! It is also the home of The little Gallery Underground. Here are 10 things everyone at JMU can do in the Music Library.
  • The Educational Technology & Media Center (ETMC) in Memorial Hall has great resources for education students, but anyone can use its group study room, vinyl cutters, laminators, 3D printers, board games, and more! Check out 15 things anyone at JMU can do at the ETMC.

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