10 Tips for Finding Great Study Spaces at JMU

Posted on: March 1, 2024

Even during midterms and finals week, there are plenty of empty seats available all over campus if you know where to look! In fact, JMU offers study spaces in over 30 buildings!

Here are 10 top tips for finding good study spaces at JMU:

  1. Find out which JMU buildings are offering expanded study space during finals week.
  2. Study in one of JMU’s computer labs any time they’re not reserved.
  3. Check the schedule outside meeting rooms in The Union and Festival. When they’re not reserved, you can use them to study. Just be sure to leave the furniture how you found it.
  4. Reserve a room for yourself or your group in the University Career Center. While you’re there, you can check out their Career Closet for a new professional outfit!
  5. Try one of the designated quiet study spaces at JMU.
  6. Study with a buddy so you can use one of the Group Study Rooms at JMU
  7. Use one of the 24-Hour Study Spaces at JMU.
  8. Wake up early to snag your favorite study spot while others are still asleep.
  9. Use the JMU Study Spaces Map to find a spot that’s off the beaten path.
  10. And if you prefer to study in the Libraries, don’t forget we have four locations!

JMU’s Study Spaces Map

JMU Libraries created the JMU Study Spaces Map at www.jmu.edu/studyspaces with help from partners all over campus to help you find convenient places to study while Carrier Library is closed for renovation and expansion. Using this map and the tips above, you’re guaranteed to find a great spot!

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