11 Study Spots to Try at JMU

Posted on: November 1, 2023

We’ve all been there: you just left class, you have three discussion board posts due in an hour, and you’re too far from your regular homework spot. Lucky for you, there are so many study spots on campus. Pick what fits your vibe from this list or try them all!

1. TDU is the place for you!

If some chill hang space is your vibe, Taylor Down Under might be the move. There’s a mix of tables, comfy couches, and even pool tables if you need a break! Don’t forget to fuel up with Merge Coffee Company in the cafe area!

2. SSC is calling your name!

It’s close to your classes, it’s got tons of food options, and you’re bound to run into someone you know. If you need to take a short study break or get an assignment done right before class on the quad, the Student Success Center might be your new spot!

3. Festi is the Besti!

With comfy chairs, open tables, and even outside seats, there’s something for everyone at the Festival Conference & Student Center! Plus, there’s the food court, coffee bar, and pool tables for your study breaks. Hint: if the small conference rooms are empty, they’re free to use!

4. TBH, you’d love Rose Library!

With its open, airy feeling and beautiful views, you can’t go wrong with Rose! There are several floors with a mix of comfy seating, traditional study desks, group study rooms, big tables, and individual Zenbooths. Hint: head to the fourth floor for the quietest space.

5. Either EnGeo, Phys/Chem, or Bioscience!

If you need to surround yourself with that sweet, sweet science energy at all times, the study rooms in EnGeo, Phys/Chem, and Bioscience are going to be your go-to. Pick and choose from a group study room to casual bar-style seating!

6. Quad Squad

While studying outside is certainly an option, we mean the buildings around the Quad! Darcus-Johnson, Gabbin, Harrison, and Moody Halls are central to Quad classes, and they all have study space with computer labs, printing, whiteboards, and tables.

7. You’re gonna love Memorial Hall & ETMC!

It’s a super short bus drive away, has its own dining location, and you can literally get lost in it! If you loved the “I-don’t-know-what-day-it-is” feeling of the stacks, Memorial Hall might be for you. Plus, Memorial is home to the Educational Technology & Media Center – an awesome place with tables, printing, and tons of resources for education majors (but everyone is welcome!).

8. UREC’s your spot!

If you’re always thinking about your protein intake and when leg day is, the University Recreation Center might be your spot to study. There are plenty of tables right in the lobby, as well as a cafe inside for study and workout fuel!

9. Never too pressed for JMU Libraries Express!

With big windows, big tables, a vending machine, and everything you expect from the Libraries on a micro-level, JMU Libraries Express is a study spot plus one-stop Libraries shop! Stick around for a homework session or use one of the four 15-minute free (yes, free!) parking spots to drop in.

10. The College of Business Learning Complex (Hartman & Showker Halls)

You don’t need to be a COB major to feel fancy in these study spaces! With its own dining options, a computer lab with printers, and group study rooms, this spot really makes it your business to study.

Want even more study space options?

Check out the JMU study spaces map for over 30 study spots on campus!

map of study spots on JMU's campus

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