6 New Places to Study at JMU

Posted on: November 15, 2023

Interactive JMU Study Spaces Map

Check out these 6 new study spaces that JMU created since Carrier Library closed for renovation and expansion!

These new study spaces can be found on the JMU Study Spaces Map, which offers over 30 buildings where students can study while Carrier Library is closed! 

Keep reading to learn more about the 6 newest study spots at JMU!

78 Seats in the Heart of Campus (Warren 502)

Warren 502 (pictured above) offers amazing views, natural light, electrical outlets, a printer, and a range of furniture, from soft seats to large tables. Formerly a restaurant across from the Union Ballroom, it now has 78 study seats, repurposed from Carrier Library. This space is designated as a quiet study space. Small groups or individuals are welcome, but please be mindful of those working around you.

Cozy Hideaway (Sheldon 2nd Floor)

photo of room with soft seating and arched windows

Sheldon Hall now offers two study spaces on the second floor, with 15 seats total, chalkboards, natural light, and more.

Retro Study Hall Vibes (Moody 107)

photo of classroom with blue plastic chairs with attached desks

Moody 107 has big windows, whiteboards, and about 24 desks for individuals. This classroom has been designated as an available study space. 

Whiteboard Heaven (Godwin 336)

A classroom full of chairs with individual desks facing the front of the room

Godwin 336 has two large whiteboards and about 20 seats for individuals. These seats, with optional desks attached, are on rollers and can be moved around.

Study Spot with a View (Burruss 338)

photo of room with grouped tables in the middle and tables around the outside with plenty of chairs and a view of west campus

Burruss 338 overlooks the SSC, with lots of natural light and 26 seats. Its furniture and whiteboards have wheels, making it a flexible space for groups or individuals. This room has been designated as an available study space.

Sunny Space with Friendly Staff (JMU Libraries Express)

photo of a beautifully lit room with multiple study tables and a wall of computers

JMU Libraries Express is a new library location with printers, computers, study tables, big windows, and friendly staff ready to help you! Located at 1050 S. Main Street, adjacent to the quad, JMU Libraries Express has about 20 seats, repurposed from Carrier Library. 

Seats Added to Popular Study Spaces 

We also relocated furniture from Carrier Library to other buildings, improving some spaces and adding seats to others. For example, 44 new seats were added to Festival, and 26 new seats were added to Taylor

JMU Study Spaces Map 

map of study spots on JMU's campus

To use the JMU Study Spaces Map, start at jmu.edu/studyspaces and select a pin to read about the study spaces in that building! The map includes our four other library locations–the Music Library, ETMC, Express, and Rose Library (with a 24/7 Space)–and dozens of other buildings all over campus. Student Affairs has also created a student spaces page to showcase some of the places where students hang out. 

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